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What we need to know!

It is imperative that you advise us of any changes that may affect your policy in order to either avoid denial of future claims or to perhaps benefit from available discounts. Some examples are as follows:


  • Major renovations or vacancy of your home (NOTE: all water damage, vandalism, glass breakage or malicious acts are not covered while vacant or under renovation)
  • High value jewellery, furs, bicycles, collections, antiques or fine arts
  • Pools, spas, saunas are not automatically included
  • Auxiliary heating (e.g. wood stove) installed or disconnected
  • Professional or commercial activities or home office in the home (NOTE: must be declared)
  • If you own an aggressive breed of dog or exotic animals
  • New or paid up mortgage or line of credit
  • Change of occupation or retiring
  • Fire or burglar alarm installed or disconnected


  • Change in commute or kilometers used
  • Change, deletion or addition of drivers
  • Change of address , civil status or occupation
  • Loss of driving permit or driver’s license not currently valid
  • If you have received any tickets for any road infractions where you have lost demerit points
  • If you have been involved in any undeclared accidents in the past term
  • Criminal record or offence
  • If car is used for racing
  • If car is used for transporting persons or goods or radioactive material
  • If car is put in/out of storage