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You have suffered a loss

Here are the steps to follow:

Call your broker or insurance company to report the claim.

Have your policy number on hand.

Limit your damages.
However, do not make any permanent repairs before speaking with a claims adjuster. I.e. in the case of water damage, dry everything as soon as possible to limit further damage. Authorize emergency work in order to minimize aggravated damages. HOWEVER be sure you understand what work will be done and at what cost, before giving authorization to proceed.

Meet with the adjuster responsible for your file.
He/she will guide you.

Verify the extent of your protection with the assistance of the adjuster.
He/she can explain the steps you need to take, if any.

The adjuster will identify the cause of the claim event.
He/she will confirm if the claim is covered or not, based on your policy contract.

The adjuster will estimate the amount of damages,
and will decide on the amount of indemnity the insurance company will offer. You should also prepare an inventory of damaged goods to document and support your claim.

You are free to choose the contractor who will make the repairs, or to do them yourself.

Review the specifications of the work to be done,
taking care to validate the amount allocated and confirm everything with the adjuster, then authorize the work.

Negotiate the settlement.
With your inventory the adjuster will be able to calculate the settlement offer under your contract. Read the offer and confirm that it is acceptable.

Payment of settlement, with deductible applied.
Communicate your satisfaction or not with regard to the contractors work done before payment has been given to them.

Claim of the amount of the deductible from a liable third party, if any.
There are prescription delays to start your appeal, inform yourself of these.

Subrogation of the amount of the claim from a liable third party, if any